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Example Projects

Are you looking for an example project to get started?

We host some example projects which you can find in the GitHub repository under the /examples folder:

Create React App is an awesome project for learning React. Have a look at the alternatives available to see which project best fits your needs.

The source code for this documentation site is also included in the repository. This is a slightly more complex project. Check out the /docs folder for build instructions.

More advanced example projects

Looking for a more advanced example project?

If you want to start with a more complete and real world example, you could take a look at our free templates or premium themes & templates or:

  • React Most Wanted, which includes:

    • Created with Create React App
    • Custom Create React App script to start a new project with just a single CLI command
    • Build for Firebase including Authentication using the official Firebase Web Auth UI
    • Routing with React Router including error handling (404) and lazy loading
    • All PWA features included (SW, Notifications, deffered installation prompt and more)
    • Optimized and scalable performance (all ~100 points on Lighthouse)
  • React + Material-UI + Firebase:

    • Bootstrapped with Create React App, the same tooling works out of the box
    • Built on top of Firebase with Authentication, Cloud Firestore, Cloud Functions, Storage, and Performance Monitoring working from the start
    • Robust routing with React Router including error handling
    • Extensive mobile support with full-screen dialogs and react-swipeable-views for tabs
  • Material Sense, which includes:

    • Graph using recharts
    • React Router included with a navigation example
    • A docker container with an Nginx server for production build
    • Created with Create React App